Quality Management Programme

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  • It is the policy of HFEL to maintain a quality management system that ensures that all the activities of the company are carried out in a manner that meets or exceeds the requirements agreed with the client.
  • HFE quality system is aimed at meeting the requirements of the ISO standard. The system is designed to achieve quality by preventing problems rather than by detecting and correcting then after they occur. Adherence to the quality management system is mandatory for all the employees of HFEL and must be applied to all areas of the company’s operations.
  • The management of HFE recognizes the need to maintain awareness amongst its employees and of the need for and application of quality assurance in all aspects of the company’s operations and in their individual contributions to those operations. In order to meet this requirement, the company is committed to monitoring and reviewing the training requirements of all it employees and to provide the training necessary to support this policy.
  • It is the company’s policy to apply the quality management system to each and every stage of its work, from the inception of a project to the final execution/demobilization phase and to adopt this policy for all projects.

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