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Human Factors Engineers (HFE) Limited is an engineering, procurement, fabrication & construction, logistics, marine services and & HSE consulting firm serving chosen global markets. The company delivers projects and services in pipeline construction, process plants, telecom and civil engineering and construction for the oil & gas, chemical & petrochemicals, fertilizers, aviation industries amongst others.

HFE has the capacity to match the demands of international quality control standards, construction and project management techniques.

Environment protection is an integral part of the company’s policy, the aim of HFE is to carry out all activities without disturbing the ecological balance this is achieved by organizing training programs to educate its workers in the use of latest techniques for prevention, appraisal and restoration of the environment.

HFE is committed to upgrade the skill sets in the country of projects by providing on-site and classroom training to the local workforce. It strives for maximization of local content in projects execution.

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Human Factors Engineers Limited (HFE) is a duly registered indigenous engineering, procurement, fabrication & construction, logistics, marine services and HSE consulting firm specialized in building and civil construction, mechanical, electrical, procurement and environmental Waste Management Logistics and HSES-CA management/consultant, with Registration No. 322035. Ours is a highly reliable and quality management and contracting firm providing services in the Oil and Gas Sector, Corporate/Private organization(s) and Government in Nigeria and Overseas; with records to show for satisfactory performance.

Our company has come a long way in terms of success due to the management’s strict compliance to the policy of quality, teamwork, hard-work and prompt execution of services, with high regard for safety of its personnel and other third party involved and those affected by our operations.

HUMAN FACTORS ENGINEERS LIMITED has to her credit well-trained technical and articulate team of engineers; geologist, technical and semi-skilled personnel equipped with modem construction and fabrication tools. The safety record in all areas of our operation has been very tremendous, external technical auditors have also certified this.

Although we have a reasonable stable financial base for an indigenous enterprises, while we also enjoy reliable financial support from our bankers as at when required due to our prudent financial management policy.


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We will view obstacles as opportunities for new growth and accept responsibility to achieve outstanding results in our missions, through a progressive spirit and fortitude. By this determination and courage, we resolve to achieve both personal and corporate goals.


We will take the initiative to act for the collective good. With courage & sacrifice, diligence and sense of mission based on concept of trust and harmony, towards more abundant life.


A strong virile, responsive and service oriented organisation with customer friendly hallmarks.


To create an outstanding service provision through quality assurance cashes policies with a tradition of excellence and courtesy.


  • Fulfillment, integrity, excellence, and commitment to our clients interest
  • A willingness to appropriate, and adapt ourselves to change while maintaining our fundamental value and constancy of purpose
  • Respond to our rapidly changing world the entrepreneurial approaches, innovative solutions, advanced technology, and high- quality, timely decision-making
  • Cleave to the best standards of ethics and integrity
  • Clearly and continuously understand, be totally responsive to, and strive to exceed our client’s expectations
  • Deliver exceptional value to our clients, helping them maximize their success
  • Work safety and consistent with responsible standard principles, individually and collectively
  • Design all of our projects to ensure safe execution
  • Make continuous improvement and integral part of the way we operate



  • The company’s expertise and creativity mean little without absolute commitment to providing our clients with services that meet their needs and possibly exceed their expectations. We dedicate the depth of our resources, the experience of oar employees, and the-reputation of our firm to continually improve the services we provide our clients. We surprise our clients with the quality of sound work, from first planning meeting to the final evaluation of our joint success.
  • HUMAN FACTORS ENGINEERS LIMITED are dedicated to providing our clients with a competitive advantage through continuous process of quality advancement in all areas of our performance.
  • Our project execution procedures conform to local, and international regulatory standards and are in line with International Organization to Standardization (ISO) for quality and other international standards for engineering.


    S/No.DescriptionQuantity to be AllocatedPurposeOwner/ Location
2.1Project Offices
1Project Management Office -PMNL150m2For Project Mgt.PMNL/Base
2Dedicated office to MPN Representatives80m2MPNPMNL/Base
3Engineering Design Office fully equipped with design facilities200m2For Detailed EngineeringPoint Engineering/ Port Harcourt
4Engineering Design Annex40m2Engineering SupportPMNL/Base
5Engineering Design Annex12m2PMNL FWB
2.2Onshore Primary & Secondary Fabrication Facilities
1Fabrication Office at Km 14 Base100m2FabricationPMNL/Base
2Fabrication Office at Onne, Jetty100m2PMNL Portabins at Onne
3Dedicated office to MPN Representatives60m2MPNPMNL/Onne
4Fabrication and Painting Shops- covered, PMNL Base3,000m2FabricationPMNL/Base
5Open Fabrication Yard –  uncovered3,000m2Fabrication
6Covered Storage400m2Storage
7Uncovered Storage3,000m2Storage
8Fabrication Shops- covered1,000m2FabricationPMNL Mobile Fab. shop at Onne
9Warehouse/store150m2Transit StoreINTELS Leasednote2 As per Attachment K


10Sheltered storage area200m2Storage
11Open Storage600m2Storage
12Additional Open Storage2,000m2For Fab or StorageAvailable (if required)
12Motorola Base Radios – VHF50 unitsProject   CommunicationPMNL/Sites/ Vessels
13Motorola Repeaters2 sets
14Motorola Hand Held Radios – VHF30 units
15ComputersAs req’d
16Thyuraya Satellite Telephones – Fixed & Handheld10 sets
17Independent V-SAT installed in P/Harcourt & SitesDownload Capacity 2000kbps
18Telephones, Faxes, and MobilesAs required


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